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  • Murata swivel rod holder in carbon fibre

    The rod holder of Pratiko Fishing Equipment is an indispensable tool for those who practice the main and heavy fishing techniques from the boat. 

    With its first quality components, stainless steel and now also carbon, it is suitable for live towing, drifting, deep sea towing and deep water bolting. It can be mounted with 3 different adapters:

    - for deep-sea towing, drifting and medium bolentino with electric reel, adapter for coastal towing,
    - adapter for the depth bolentine with electric reels. 

    The advantage that this rod holder offers us, is the possibility of having 16 fixed positions in rotation for a perfect positioning of the rod in fishing position, with the ability to rotate freely at 360 degrees or slightly braked by a small adjustable clutch, this to follow the rod the leaks of the fish. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the inclination of the rod, you can choose the best fishing attitude, being tilting there is the possibility of ironing even without pulling the rod out of the rod holder. 

    They are supplied with a base to be fixed on the wall or with an adapter for recessed rod holder, they can be customized with logos and colors at will, in addition to the two standard colors white or black.

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